Saturday, January 3, 2009


So yesterday I was out sorting out car repairs and buying Birthday Party supplies, and while I was away John took the ladies to meet friends at the park for some ice play...I come home to find bloody coat, bloody cloths, and an injured Bronwyn. She took a spill unfortunately head first and the ice won. Fortunately no stitches were required and as witnessed by the next few photos she has made a full recovery!
I love the mornings where I can hear the girls playing and imagining and creating. This morning I went into their room to find a whole set up on Ella's bed and the two of them very engaged in a tale. I love the giggles and happy sounds and the light was so good... days are good!
I am a big New Year's girl. That said I will confess I didn't even make it up to see the New Year in! I love the possibilities, the fresh, the hope that a New Year brings, a fresh start. A new opportunity to be more of the person I want to be. A chance to begin again and make choices in a better way to fill my life and my world with only those things and people who lift me up and help me on my path to being an improved version of me. The New Year is also a time to let go. Let go of grudges, and stuff, and relationships that are not positive. It is a time for me to let go of those things that do not fit into the world and home I hope to create. In the way I hope to continue to grow.
So every year I clean and cleanse areas of my home that are the most significant and fill them with hopes of happiness and peace and get rid of any ick that may have clung from the past. I meditate, I burn incense, I burn candles and I visualize all that letting go. I also change the rugs by the doors (more visualization) , I clean the doors (opening up the chance for growth and positive), I clean some of my closet letting go once again of things that do not make me feel like the me I think I am, I change all the beds including all the covers and quilts wrapping myself in fresh ideas and feelings of safety. And I try to get rid of all the no longer needed things so as to rid our home of some of the old so there is more room for the new and the growth I hope the year can bring.
I have yet to make my goal list. I do not do resolutions or things I know may set me up to fail but try to set goals of things I want to see happen in the new year. I have a pretty good success rate as I tape them into my kitchen cabinet so I can see them daily to remind me to make time for the change. Last year, one of my biggest was Yoga!! And I did it! So we will see what this year brings!!
Many wishes to you for peace and letting go and for your new beginnings!

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John said...

could you 'visualize' a mini cooper?