Thursday, January 29, 2009


So my little lady Bronwyn has been asking for months and months for me to make a Shoofly pie and some spinach artichoke dip. She had heard Ella Fitzgerald's song Shoolfy pie and wanted to know if it was in fact a real pie... after some research we discovered it in fact was a real pie. It was easy to put together, although to this day I cannot stand the smell of molasses!, and it was so incredibly yummy that it is nearly all gone! A complete success and thankfully the Elder Statesman can say she has in fact had Shoofly Pie, now I wonder how long before she asks for Apple Pan Dowdy??
While making the crusts, thanks to the Irishman and his infinite patience, I decided to initiate my new individual pie plates for quiches! Those too turned out lovely and were fun to have a smaller version of the same!
Ella got to help the Irishman roll out crusts, she loves to be in the kitchen! But it was very hard to photograph the live action of it all.
Last night I got to go to a cooking class. It was for tailgate foods, and although I have next to zero interest in any sport that would have tailgating I am very into the foods that come with!! The chef showed us how to make coconut shrimp, Detroit style coney sauce, Bloody Mary's wisconsin style, All day potato salad, and a few other dishes but those were the best. The all day potato salad was incredible, and I am not a potato salad fan! And last night I made the leap to big girl real cooking and bought a quality knife!!!!!!! I am delighted! This is supposed to be your first purchase for a well equipped kitchen and it has been the one I have put off the longest. Our knives wouldn't cut butter with ease so this is such a gift! Cutting the veggies for quiche tonight was a lovely experience! I feel so rich!!!
I have book club this evening, we are discussing Little Women. I made it to yoga today and then got to have coffee with a good friend so feel like this has been a very good day indeed, yoga, coffee, friends, kitchen time, good eats, and books...oh yeah it was a good day!!!

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John said...

i didn't have the yoga, coffee with a good friend nor kitchen time nor the books, but i did have the good eats and it was still a good day!