Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It shouldn't be

So my lovelies and I escaped up to Beulah for our annual Beach Bum trip up north.  It is our one TRUE vacation and we love to just lay around and play in the water and the sand, ohhhh the sand I do believe we brought home an entire beach in the truck. 

Of course being away from home, we had to stop at the grocery store for supplies, we got in a checkout lane behind a cute little, very tiny old lady who reminded me immensely of my Grandma in Tennessee.  The cashier had finished ringing her order and it appeared she was using a Bridge Card or some other public assistance...the little old lady was telling the cashier, "Oh no.  He said I can only buy essentials and I cannot go over..."  the cashier and bag boy were wonderful and said no problem we can help get the total down, what do you not want...

At this point, the little old lady was handing her back toilet paper and bleach...that was as far as I let it go, I whispered to the cashier and asked her how much is she short, she blanched a little afraid to tell me, it was twenty four dollars and some change.  I said put her stuff back in her bags I will pay the difference.  The cashier seemed surprised but touched, the little old lady had no idea anything had happened the bag boy helped her out with ALL her groceries, and the cashier started to cry and I had goosebumps.  All I could imagine was my Grandma and how she could have used someone to watch out for her and how I wish it could have been me but the world didn't work out like that then.  But in this one moment, for the price I would have paid for a vacation t-shirt, a little old lady didn't have to pick between food and toilet paper.  And I had a chance to remember my Grandma and show my girls that there are small ways to reach out and make a difference you just have to be open and listening and grateful for what you have and where you get to be. 

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