Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Still more to do...a list...

So a blog is expected...yet I find my life lately is run more by lists...things that I have to do, things I NEED to do, and things I want to do...unfortunately they do not always overlap and this thing called time is elluding me this summer...

-Girls' vaccination
-E's bug fair
-Keep shovelling girls' room
-Work, this get's in the way of the need and want to lists and sadly falls on the have to
-Demolition Derby date at the Fair
-Relay wrap up picnic (this also sadly falls on my Anniversary and is a have to definitely not a want to)
-Throw stuff away (think major scale basement and bedrooms)
-Get supplies for girls' room redo
-Redo girls' room
-Reclaim house
-Eat better
-Use up pantry stockpile
-Get back to exercise regularly (see above list to know why this will be setting myself up to fail)
-Get ladies signed up for class
-Pick up B's schedule while she is gone
-Weed the sad little flower beds
-Go to the bank and daydream a bit bigger
-Have at least one morning on the porch with coffee and a book while ladies are away
-Breathe (yes sadly this has to be on the list sometimes)
-Discover my meditation spot (this makes me laugh...as it is a New Year's goal)

Sigh and sadly think this goes on and on...maybe the house will at least look like a home not a dump site, and maybe just maybe I might have some time on water again...just not sure this is ever going to happen so back to the Breathe command...

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