Saturday, February 6, 2010


I am treading water. I am trying hard to swim. To stay afloat, amidst the negativity and ire that surrounds me. I am trying not to be sucked in but again and again I get tugged by a current that threatens to pull me under. A current that draws me into the swirling eddies and attempts to pull me under too. I do not have quiet or peace or calm that I seek in my day to day life. But at the moment I am surrounded by so many people with unrest in their worlds. They rage and they attack never looking outside themselves to realize all they damage in their storms. So there are a few of us that are being hauled in and beaten about because of their irritation with their world. And I am waiting to see if I am to be thrown against the rocks or if I will pass into the eye of the storm left to try to heal and band aid up my wounds. I also am left to wonder how to prevent myself from being sucked into their wake in the future. You see I have this very stubborn opinionated way about me that makes me completely unable to hold my tongue for too long. I eventually spew and give everyone my thoughts after nearly biting a hole in my tongue!!! So how to not be me? Or is that even the problem?? Sigh...more swimming yet to do!


John said...

stop trying so hard to swim!!! Don't fight the current as much... and consult a non-swimmer more often..

Sheila said...

I love you my non-swimmer and wish your voice in my head was sometimes much much bigger!!