Sunday, April 26, 2009

Can I help?

Ok so just about any time I make my way into the kitchen to sort out a meal...I can guarantee one or both of my lovely ladies will be there saying... "Can I help?" Tonight, I truly wanted to growl and say no way get out of the kitchen...I just need to get this all done...but somehow I found the patience (from way down deep!) to find something for both of them to do and still manage to get dinner finished. They chopped, they stirred, they sauteed, they processed, they spread, they layered, they set the table, and then best of all they ate! So vegan lasagna and chocolate pudding were what the ladies helped put together this evening! I made soda bread and cinnamon scones. It went well with only a few shooings of Ella the monkey child who was trying to hang from the counter by the bubbling pudding...
And our other big update...Ella lost another tooth. This time she lost during the high school play we went to Friday night. The Irishman and I think she is trying to see how many different places she can lose them! And still the tooth fairy was not allowed to have the tooth! I think soon the tooth fairy may do a raid while Ella is out and reclaim her loot, otherwise I am going to be really creeped out with the container o'teeth!
I have so many pictures to post and wee stories to tell but life has just been stepping on me a bit and I am really and truly TIRED. So soon I will catch you up and regale you with stories of dinosaurs, picnics, tea in the parlor, cute babies and friends. But for now I am going to go find my jammies!

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John said...

your halo is in the post, i would've kicked them out a lot sooner, especially the one trying to do gymnastics on the hot cooker!