Monday, April 6, 2009


Oh the taste of Spring...the sun, the blooms, the green, the building of Fairy houses...
We made it to Indy for our Spring Break and we were astonished at all the green...the grass, trees, flowers...we are so far from that in Michigan...still brown and the plants just trying to poke through the ground.
So after our day in the car, see the impossible game of Interstate Bingo, and the thumb wrestling in the back seat...we spent the day Saturday enjoying the outside. The girls played in the sandbox, burying dolls, and building a fairy house out front, picking dandelions and playing basketball...the warmth of the sun!!!!!
We have had visit's with my cousin and his family and my Aunt's and a trip to the Children's museum and now the Irishman and I are out for a day of the longer I dwell here the shorter our time out!!
Although our sun was was snowing this morning...but still warmer than Happy Spring!!!!

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Cinnamonamon said...

Sun...beautiful sun! Glad to see ya'll are having a great time! You missed our snow, today -- it was mostly gone by late afternoon, but we might get a bit more tomorrow.