Sunday, May 18, 2014


A long while ago, my naturopath said I needed to do things that bring me joy.  This weekend was full of just those things.

I took an asparagus class. 
I found a local restaurant doing food with passion and honoring food.
I went to the Farmer's Market and got fresh roasted coffee, bacon and brats, asparagus, radishes and lettuce.
I bought plants.
I slept.
I was gifted wonderful handmade things by these awesome people I live with.
I got to ride my bike.
I planted things.
I baked and cooked.
I got to jump rope.
I got to sit on my front porch. 
I got to be in my space.

When I was riding my bike I felt like all I could do was smile like a big goof.  It felt sooooo very good!  It has been a while since my body has been able to cope with all this activity and I am grateful for today.  Refreshing my mind, body, and spirit! 

Hoping you all did things that brought you joy this weekend if not please make time to do so this week!  You are important too!

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