Sunday, October 16, 2011

Food...Blog Action Day

This year's Blog Action Day topic really hits home hard for me on sooooo many levels!  I feel like I truly spend most of my breathing hours tracking down, healthy, organic, identifiable ingredient made, foods for my family.  In our little part of the universe, there isn't a Whole Foods or a Trader Joe's to pop into.  The local supermarkets carry tiny bits of organic and non-scary foods, but if I want variety or produce that doesn't look like all it's nutritional value has already passed away 2 weeks ago, I have to hunt.  If I want convenience foods that aren't going to kill us all and the environment by their mere existence, I must read, contemplate, search, seek...and what I find in one market one week doesn't mean it will be restocked or they will continue to carry it in future weeks so it never ever ends.

I have joined buying clubs, CSA's, I visit my farmers markets...but I work at it.  I read.  I call.  I plot.  I ask friends with extras.  I am EXHAUSTED!!

And what I think mostly is that I have the time to do this.  I have the resources (mostly) to make some of this happen.  But why should I be in an elite group when it comes to food?   Why should my financial comfort be the only reason I can provide these things for my family? 

I am upset (this is the most understated thing I have probably ever said) that my government, when they choose to "help" folks who need a boost with food give them preservatives and sugar and chemicals and say here families have a big ole helping of obesity to go with your life woes.  Here are some funds but you can only spend it on scary foods of unidentifiable origins and don't get sick from a lifetime of ingesting it because then you must know you are sooooo on your own.  My lovely government also sets the standards that the school my children attend must follow for what is an acceptable meal to serve these growing minds and bodies.  Our future is handed chicken nuggets, pizza, and something that is unrecognizable as past vegetation, and said do well.  Show us great test scores on our mandated testing or you won't get your funding...but here have this...and don't be sluggish or ill...just perform...  Lunch wasn't enough in our school they now give free "breakfast" to all the students (this should tell you about our economic situation that our whole school gets it!).  This breakfast is poptarts, prepackaged muffins, goldfish crackers, and a string cheese stick with a side of strawberry, chocolate, or the least popular white milk.  My concern here is for a good lot of these kids these school meals are in fact their "healthiest" meal of the day.  This may very well be their one and only meal for a day.  And this is what they get.  Yet government officials on high seem completely confounded that Diabetes and obesity are plaguing our children.  They set the standard!!  They say this is all ok because it checks off boxes in their corrupt you scratch my back I will scratch yours with big business and big farming... 

Food is a hot topic for me.  I love food.  My best memories usually are of a meal shared or food tasted and filed away and remembered.  My favorite time is time in the kitchen to potter and create.  I melt to hear my kids and husband say "We want to stay home and eat.  Your food is better."  My family chooses my kitchen over ANY restaurant!!  What does that say about the world and it's possibilities?  If we put efforts into our food, our love, our time, our thoughts, it pays HUGE dividends in our families well being, health, and our communication as a unit is strengthened all by a simple meal of good foods shared at our little table!  So I encourage any who are tired, who are thinking the fight might be being lost that it absolutely is not!!  Your footprint is huge by beginning in your own little space with your own little unit!  Every time you share your thoughts, your meals, your table you influence others in small ways to try more to do more.  Do not be afraid to share.  Do not be afraid to speak.  Do not be afraid to say no thank you to things that will do you harm. 

Food is and can be beautiful.  Food should be healthy and not chemical.  Food should be easy.  Food should nourish us body and soul.  Food should not poison.  Food should unite and make us all stronger and better.  So passionate foodies keep fighting the fight.  It begins in your homes with your little people.  They are listening and watching!!  You make a much bigger difference than you would ever believe so EAT WELL!!!!


Kelly said...

I totally agree with. I face much of the same thing, living in small-town America. Healthy, organic choices are hard to come by here, too. Nice addition to #BAD11!

John said...

Thank you for nourishing us.