Friday, July 29, 2011

Why is it going soooo fast????

Why is summer flying by at the speed of light? Why is it all those things "we will do this summer" have not yet been done? How come we haven't made the day trips we had in our heads? How come the kitchen isn't finished and the girls room still has carpet? How come there hasn't been a yard sale? How come there haven't been more bike rides and picnics??? How come there hasn't been more time on the porch??? How come there hasn't been time with girlfriends sipping mojitos or wine?

Summer is on fast forward. I have begged it to stop but it has it's fingers in it's ears ignoring me like a small child! I had grand plans doesn't it know?? I had wanted to visit a couple new beaches this summer. We had Ann Arbor visits to make. We were meant to go to Mackinaw and visit a lighthouse. I was supposed to finish that whole playing in the dirt brick and reclaiming of the flower beds thing that got abandoned. I was supposed to be making more food with more local produce. But it is racing me to that finish line of back to school! I have this niggling feeling that I am going to lose this race!

We have had lemonade stands for Relay for Life, we have had bug camp, and gardening at Dow gardens, there has been one week of wanna be an architecht camp, two weeks of nature camp for two very tired girls, one runaway with a girlfriend up north to be a grown up on a beach, then another runaway up north to explore and play in the sand and climb huge piles of it with my two lovely ladies, and there is the ongoing painting then tiling of the kitchen project, there has been our CSA deliveries, there has been fresh berries eaten cold from a cooler by Lake Michigan, there is still Relay for Life which is tomorrow (yikes), a dinner sail coming for me and the ladies first concert coming quickly, there are hopes for an Anniversary outing and maybe one more escape to the beach...but really and truly what happened to it??

It slips past soooo fast any more. Seems the older they get the faster it goes as I try to hold onto a few more moments and memories and chats. But I intend to keep trying!

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