Monday, June 20, 2011

I love me some dirt!

I love playing in the dirt. Since I have had kids I have lost sight of just how much. However this summer, I am finding my groove again. Getting out there digging and reclaiming my space till my muscles all happily ache. Finding ways to incorporate old bricks and new plants and finding things we can grow to eat. Trying more containers (still working on this one). Reading gardening blogs, looking at gardening pictures...daydreaming about dirt and plants and statuaries. (I sooo want one! End of this month there will be one added!) Watering, reading books, figuring out how to grow up and be a good little organic gardener. Time is lost when I am out there. Two hours is lost in a blink of an eye and leaves me ready to pout and stomp my feet when I have to come in. Coming in with dirty grubby toes and grass stained heels, dirt scuffs on my forehead, and plant matter in my hair...oooh how I love it. My therapy. Dirt time. I wish I knew more but right now I will keep going with my trial and error style. Planting stuff and watching it be eaten by Peter Rabbit and his Chipmunk friend. The garden is open!! Now for my goal this summer is a dinner party out back. Have to get it all finished so I can work on this...maybe early fall?? Hmmm I am thinking it is the year!


Calico Hen said...

I love the archway onto your deck. Your garden is looking great!

hapi said...

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