Tuesday, December 21, 2010

See her...

See this lovely lady...she is wise. (Even that is not a big enough word...) She gets things far beyond her years and really brings me back to what matters. I asked her why she was so excited for Christmas...reminder here she is 9...she doesn't list off all the presents or things you might expect...she says to me, "I am excited to go to Grandma and Grandpa's and see their faces on Christmas morning. I love everyone's face on Christmas day they all seem so happy." SHE IS NINE!!! And when she saw Santa this year she told him..."You are magic and I think you would know best what I should have." I am amazed by her and am grateful that she reminds me of what is important.

Today I had my girlfriends stop in for tea or coffee and we sat on the comfy couch and giggled and vented and just rested for a while and of course we ate!!! We all just needed the time to sit and it was good for my spirit. December has been a test for me and I have pretty much failed most of it or have yet to see my lessons I have been supposed to learn. But I am making it through and with a few more obligations and a 6 hr. drive in my future I will get time soon to sit and be a slug...I truly look forward to some time on the couch with some books or even some good ole chick flicks...but till then wishing everyone a very Peaceful Yule. A Merriest of Christmases and very safe travels and some sitting time!!

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