Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bah Humbug

Tis the season...I am trying to be excited. Trying to seize what is good and find some spirit deep down in my being. Alas, I am not finding it. I am exhausted... I know we all have that feeling from time to time especially as women and mothers but this is just beyond that. This is to my core fatigued. I would really like to spend this season this year in my jammies sitting on my couch eating popcorn and watching bad tv. But I am trying. I am putting on my happy face (not well I have no poker face) and plowing my way through the month that is December and the holiday that is Christmas. I am beyond sight of what the season should be and how I should feel. I am just really off... even the gifts I am making are getting done in bits not together for completion and delivery. I haven't even had anyone in for tea or coffee this season and it makes me sad. Working all the way up to our departure to Indy and adding a day of overtime to that mix are not helping me relax and make peace. And having a minor fender bender in the bad weather that was Sunday are all hanging heavy...so I am sorry December but I will be ok with your passing. New Year has always been my favorite I look forward to the possibility. And at some point I will breathe and relax and feel this unexplained weight lifted from me...and if I knew it what it was you better believe I would be working on it...till that discovery Happy Christmas to you all may you enjoy the comfort of family and friends this season!

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