Thursday, September 30, 2010


Transitions...I seem to finding them everywhere. Some really good bringing peace and contentment. Some I am fighting and digging in my heels with the utmost resistance. And some are just making me feel lonely and sad. I know this is life. And I know all the stuff going on isn't really much on the radar scope of life just blips. Little bits of life nothing compared to the stories of some but right now I have enough little blips to keep me hanging on.
And today a very dear friend of mine is retiring. I am happy for him. Glad he gets to relax and explore and move on. But I am really very sad. He and I have been friends for 16 years. We have been through so very many big life things together not to mention surviving that place called work. And today the person who has talked me off the proverbial ledge more times than I can count, is riding off into his sunset. It just feels like a loss.
So I am still here. Treading water and trying to find an even keel but right now I am not doing this gracefully I am tired, I am edgy, I am on the verge of tears...but I do know this is all good and it too will all pass and when I am through it all I hope I will have learned something from it and can find a bit of peace.

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John said...

keep transitioning...your changing, growing is why i love you.