Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Style...

Ella got ready for the art fair the other day and this was her outfit...there is a style and a sass and a confidence that this little lady has in matters of fashion that I so wish I possessed. How do we loose that sureness. That "I am awesome" feeling about ourselves? Where does it go? And how do we let people take it from us? I have a big ole hope that I can keep it there for my lovely ladies. That I can preserve it for just a bit longer and let them be proud of their choices and style no matter what that may be. So maybe just one day in your week you will find a bit of your sass and have an Ella style day!

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Cinnamonamon said...

what a fantastic question -- fostering that confidence my children have in themselves is probably my biggest (and sometimes most difficult) goal. Running a close second is teaching them mindfulness while never letting them doubt my unconditional love for them.

They could be pizza delivery boys or lawyers when they grow long as they end up confident in themselves and genuinely happy as men.