Saturday, January 9, 2010


This curly haired little pixie of a child is nine today....nine years ago, I was feeling a little icky and went to bed early...only be woken hours later by a gush and the beginning of my little lady to make her way to us. She was two weeks early, and we had no idea if she was a she...but there she was tiny in her 6 lb self and gorgeous, my most vivid memory in the haze of those first few days was how gorgeous her little lips were. The color looked like she had come to us with lipstick on. Everyday this lady shows us how to be grateful and kind and all around better people and we are ever so lucky that she came to us and that we can call her our daughter. She has grand ideas about her place in the world and she seems to be trying on new styles and personalities right now trying to find her today we let her try on another dimension and have a few blue streaks in her hair at her big salon day with friends. Where this bright, caring , concientious little lady will go is anyone's guess but one thing I am sure of she will go there with grace and gratitude. We love you Bronwyn wishing you many more days of creativity and blossoming!!


Herod Happenings said...

Happy Birthday, Bronwyn!! I do remember this day well!!! Seems so long ago but almost yesterday too!! Hard to believe you have a nine yr old, Sheila. What a fun day.

Sheila said...

I know Michelle where did the time go??? I remember I made you a Birthday cake that you never got!!