Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Time for Yoga

(Guest blogger Bronwyn back again this evening!!)

Hi it's me Bronwyn. I am here to tell you about yoga. Me and my mom do yoga. It's
so fun and cool!!! We also have a very good teacher her name is Meshle. When we
go to yoga we have so much fun.
Love,Bronwyn OOO


Michele said...

My Little Ms. B............ You are the best little lady ever!! I love doing yoga with you and think we need to have a yoga session real soon! I will make a plan with your Mom ok. YOU ARE THE BEST YOGA GIRL!!
Meshel :) (Michele)

Sheila said...

"I really love your message and would love to have yoga with you again sometime." B-
Said with a big ole soulful smile!