Thursday, October 8, 2009

Big Girls Room

This one is a bit blurry but look they have a floor!!!

So the new arrangement in the girls room was all sparked by this desk above that I got for free at a garage sale. It was painted black, over, blue, over get the idea. But Bronwyn had been asking for a real desk, somehow my big third grader was no longer able to fold herself into the little tykes desk (not with lack of trying mind you). John put a new top on the desk and added an extension that is hinged and can fold down on the end to accomodate Ella. They spent most of yesterday evening organizing things in drawers and setting it all up. Bronwyn's first words were "Can I do my homework here?!!!" Which in true first born fashion, she sat down and finished before she got too involved in the rest.
I wandered in there this morning and it hit me hard...this is not longer a little girls' has morphed overnight into a big girls' room. Well outside of the clouds still on the ceiling and the stars on the wall, which my Bronwyn is requesting a new paint job she has ideas and plans this one! And before the life that is two young ladies, takes over and destroys it all I wanted to capture the shift and change. My heart ached just a little to see the board books replaced by chapter books, and the coloring books replaced by journals and writing. The clothing is no longer whimsical but babies are growing up. All those times going into that room to soothe someone crying, or for a nighttime nursing....standing in the doorway just to get one more peek at them before bedtime...makes me just a little melancholy...but very proud at the same time. We are raising two unique, incredible young ladies that bring us smiles, frustrations, and challenges who make our days full and our hearts doubly so!

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John said...

We certainly aren't afraid of colour! I love their room, despite it losing sound of the babyness. Wonder what colours they'll pick?