Monday, August 24, 2009

Chocolate Cake...

John and Ella say no more

A little after dinner
meditation from my yoga girl!

So tonight we had shrimp scampi, roasted green beans (thank you Betty they were yummy), and Moosewood Cookbook's Vegan Chocolate Cake!!

The Chocolate cake is super easy and super yummy as witnessed by the lack of pausing seen above! So love dinner and dessert on the porch! Been a long time since I took a time to make a dessert! I have been inspired by reading Julie and Julia to get back into the kitchen...mind you I will not be pulling out any Julia Child recipes!! No brains, livers, etc...for me, I would never stomach it! But playing around with fresh herbs and veggies while they last would be a welcome change to the runaway train of eating out I have found myself on. Now what to do with all those grains that I can't always identify in the pantry...recipe suggestions anyone???

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John said...

That was a wonderful dinner & evening in fact, oh, thanks for sparing us the liver & brains! Also thanks for the cake, pretty yummy, not overly sweet, i'll have to try the recipe myself.
Good luck trying to identify the mystery grains (when in doubt, add it to soup is my only suggestion, sorry)