Sunday, April 14, 2013


Loss...the world around me this week has been so full of loss that it has been hard to breathe.   None of this loss has been mine or my family's gratefully.  Yet the losses have been large and heartwrenching.

The kinds of loss that make you question your core and who you are and who you surround yourself with.  Is it really important?  Will it even matter after you are gone?  What can I change now while I have time?  What can I do differently??  How can I help these people in their grief?  Is there anything at all that my small voice can do to help them heal and help them find peace? 

How do these families move on in the world and still breathe and still find joy?  How do they ever allow themselves to feel again??  Thankfully there has been time with my little family.  Time to snuggle and giggle, although I have felt guilty doing so in the face of what all is going on for others.  I have had my ladies close to me and held them and talked to them.  And soaked up all that is good in our home. 

I have lit candles.  I have prayed.  I have sent healing over and over and over hoping to impact some small relief on all those hurting hearts.  And I have given thanks that we are all together in our space surrounding ourselves in us.   So please for me, on this day, take time to breathe in your good.  Be grateful for your now. 

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