Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday Nights

Tuesday nights make me sad. It makes the weekend seem so far away and brings to light all those things I didn't seem to accomplish. I sigh with dread of the work week to come and the busyness of it all. Don't get me wrong I am very thankful to have a job to go to in this day and age. In fact I DO love my work. I do not love the environment it puts me in and the schedule it demands of me.

I sat on the porch this evening with a glass of wine and tried to soak up all the remaining goodness I could get of this very good weekend. Then I gave a huge sigh and brought myself to the couch.

My life is sooo very good. I so very much love being home. I love our home. More than love really. I feel truly blessed to live in such a great old home that makes me smile. However, there is never ever enough time to make it what is should be. No time to get the weeds pulled, the dust bunnies banished, the soap scum unscummed, the piles tidied, the clothes put away, the dinner cooked, the closets organized, the basement tamed...sigh...all this leaves me feeling spent and a tad melancholy as my weekend NEVER seems to be enough to get me ahead for the week to come...does anyone ever have it all balanced? Is there ever time enough for self care and home care? I am doubtful...

I had a fantastic weekend...I played in the dirt, I cooked, I thrifted, I spent time on the porch, I spent time with my Irishman, I rode bikes with the kids, and I got the deck on the way for the season...it was full and wonderful. So here is to a quick week so I can make it full circle for another lovely weekend!!

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