Thursday, March 25, 2010

Maple Syrup time!!

Look it is Ireland in the snow!!!

I get excited when the Maple Syrup days come to the Chippewa Nature Center! It means the thaw is coming! We are almost out of the wintry woods so to speak! So after a crankified day at work, I met my gang out there for a mucky trudge on the trails and the feel of the sun and a hint at the season to come. Bronwyn packed up all her journals and notebooks and tries to be scientific, and Ella does her model poses and runs till she has a mud spatter pattern all the way up her backside, and me I happily plod in my best purchase of the Winter 2009 my Bogs, and the Irishman thankfully captures our day on film. Ironically, it has been a bad syrup year up here due to TOO WARM of temperatures!! Mixed blessings I would say! Hope all are enjoying the promise of sun!

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